Toronto, 2016

Hiring the Love Studio was by far one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning process. Andreea and Nino have an amazing ability to make art; their use of light manipulation, positioning and interaction with space created some of the most beautiful photos we’ve seen.


Los Cabos, 2016

We absolutely love The Love Studio. Two super talented artists that are also super professional. A rare find that we were lucky to find and have at our wedding. They absolutely captured magic, we could not be happier they captured everything, exactly how we saw it. They were caring, passionate, artistic, and professional. They are also super fast and efficient in working and giving photos which makes it even more exciting, we got our wedding pictures faster than anyone in the world 🙂


Toronto, 2015

You know those shots that you always look back on from family photos? Where your mom is laughing with the perfect ray of sun embracing her face, and your dad looks on with that holy-shit-this-woman-is-amazing grin? That’s what Love Studio does. Seriously. They capture every emotion of the day (and you go through plenty, that’s for sure) as though there is no one there and you are just thinking back with perfect clarity at the best day of your life. I can’t say enough about Nino and Andreea. They are two ambitious, super-professional, cool, gorgeous people that you would be lucky to have with you on your big day.



Barcelona, 2013

Since the first meeting we knew they were going to be our wedding photographers. They got our idea so quickly and they were so flexible at covering our needs and desires. At the wedding day they did a great performance, cheering up everyone and not letting any moment escape from their cameras. Sometimes we did not notice they were there, sometimes they were making us laugh! And as we had no doubt, pics are AMAZING!

Indian Garden Wedding _ Toronto Wedding Photographer005


Toronto, 2014

What a fun experience working with Andreea and Nino from The Love Studio! The photos captured us, our friends and our family with loving eyes. We were also planning our wedding from thousands of miles away and Andreea quickly put us at ease after discussing our vision over the phone. We liked that we could be open with them about what we needed and wanted. My advice: Hire The Love Studio and then sit back and enjoy your day.