In the full heat of of the Yucatan summer, the first thing you notice when you enter Coqui Coqui is just how deliciously cool the space is. The dark, lush interior provides the sought-after relief of a cold glass of water in the 36 degree heat of Valladolid. Each corner of this perfectly styled shop pulls you in with its promise of treasures to be discovered. There is a mystery to it all. But there is also an effortless ease. This is the allure of the Coqui Coqui dream: an elegant, comfortable magic that somehow merges a European Rococo sensibility with the enigma of Mayan ruins, and the beauty of Mexican craftsmanship. Coqui Coqui has captured our imagination along with that of The Eventeur’s; their aesthetic a reference point in many of our creative discussions. See below for our glimpse into this beautiful world.